This blog is an insight into our adventures as we travel and experience the amazing world in which we live. It’s mostly pictures. Maybe one day I’ll stop writing code long enough to write something interesting on here 🙂

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Viva! Slainte! Prost! Skål! Salute!  A votre sante!  l’chaim!  kampai!  Cheers!


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  1. Jeff, glad to meet you this morning at Wordcamp Orlando. Best wishes for your upcoming Fatherhood. Hey, there are about a million+ books on parenting, btw… good luck. 🙂

  2. There’s a photo of a plastic soda bottle chandelier dated April 13, 2012 on your site.
    Do you know it’s location or the artist/ maker of this?
    We have a public library project that we could use one similar to this in the main entry vestibule.
    Thanks, M.

    1. Hi, Michael!

      My wife and her art students made this piece and it’s permanently installed in their classroom. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll pass them along.
      Thanks for the note 🙂

  3. Could she potentially make one for this project, which is going to be in Harwinton, CT? The size needs to be about 5 feet wide and 3+ feet tall, to be suspended from a 12′ high ceiling. Please feel free to email or call me tomorrow at my office. The LED lights can be figured out by our electrical engineer and lighting manufacturer rep. 860-644-8300.

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